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Welcome to Wendy's School of Dance! We are a family based, non-competitive studio and believe dancing is for fun, poise, creativity and building self-confidence. Everyone can dance!

Now entering into our 48th year, we are very excited to welcome new students to our dance family. We offer classes for ages three through adult, and parents are encouraged to watch their child's classes. Every December we hold a holiday party/demonstration for all the students and parents to show their accomplishments since September. This is a preview of what's to come in our annual recital in May.


Miss Wendy grew up dancing six days a week as her mom and sister owned a studio in Stratford. When they moved to North Haven, her mom opened a new school. They had a partnership for two years, "Marge and Wendy's School of Dance," and at age sixteen, Miss Wendy took over the school. She has a B.S. degree in education from S.C.S.U. and has enjoyed teaching and sharing her love of dance with children and adults for her entire life. Continuing in the family tradition, her daughter, Miss Mandy, has joined in teaching a new generation. Miss Wendy finds joy in seeing her past students sitting on the bench, watching their own children in her class. She is proud to say she has a second generation dancer in every class.

She hopes you will join her this season!


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